Sunday, June 17, 2018

Being a Dad

I laugh each time I see this video, but it really says a lot about being a dad. It is more than just providing and protecting your family, though that is important. Dads spend their life trying to meet the needs of their family. 
My dad made life fun for us and taught me so many things. He ran for ages beside me helping me learn to ride a bike, and spent hours teaching me to drive his red VW bug. My husband has always been there to help our children and grandchildren. He helped the kids build things in his shop and led the neighborhood kids in basketball and tag football games. My son-in-law has fancy tea parties with his little daughter, and carries her up mountains so she can come on hikes with him. 

I've been in awe as I've witnessed the sacrifice and love which has made mere men into Dads. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Another Birthday!

My gift to you. You can download the video here. 
In a few days I'll have another birthday. I'm excited to turn 68. I know most people try and hide their age, especially women. I don't. First of all, I so grateful to have made it this far, and second, I don't think anyone would really believe me if I said I was younger.  Let's face it, no older person really looks very young if you come within twenty feet of them.

Mainly, I'm excited about another birthday, because life keeps getting better.  Yes, I have health problems which restrict the things I can do, but I find that I'm happier now than when I was younger.  Though I admit, that I was prettier back then, I worried about everything. I compared myself to other women and saw them as more attractive and talented.  I went into a deep depression if I gained a pound, or hid in shame if I had a blemish. I listed all that others could do and neglected my own unique abilities. I worried if I was being a good wife, mother and homemaker. I worried constantly over my children's health, safety, and happiness. I made a long list of other women's strengths and expected myself to perform up to those standards, and I always felt that I was not measuring up to society's expectations. In other words, I sucked the joy out of life.

Advantages of Getting Older

Yes, there really are advantages to getting older. 
  • I've lived long enough to see consequences of actions. Things that seemed to be bad at the moment have turned out to be good in the long run. For example, my poor health has helped my husband become very loving and supportive.
  • I've learned whose advice I can follow. I've come to respect my husband's advice. I saw the counsel of the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come true. They counseled for years to get out of debt, live within your means, avoid Home Equity Loans, and store food and necessities. Those that followed this advice were all right when the "Down-Turn" came. 
  • I've learned not to worry if children do immature things. They are learning. Have faith in them. Give them time, love, a good example, good principles, lots of encouragement, and trust God to make up the difference. Children usually become great adults because of, and in spite of, our efforts as parents.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

How Do You Find Happiness?

I'm always surprised when people give me sympathy. By this time you wouldn't think that I would be surprised since I've been ill for over 45 years. When I tell them that I can't eat wheat or dairy, must avoid petrochemicals (plastics, perfumes, polyester etc. . . . ), and often have little energy, their eyes grow round, then they blurt out that "They couldn't live that way!" They actually seem to have a hard time believing that I could really be happy. 

If you see happiness as a never ending party filled with constant pleasures, then my life doesn't measure up to this thrill seeking, Sundae gorging, possession amassing definition.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Should "Mormons" Try and Convert People?

Go Ye Therefore (Go Ye Therefore, and Teach All Nations), by Harry Anderson      Matthew 28:16–20; Mark 16:14–20
If you believe that churches are just groups of people who agree on how they see God and how they interpret the scriptures, then I would say that it would be arrogant to try to convert others to your way of thinking. Since the religious revivals in the early 1800's when Protestant preachers strove to win people over to their sect, there has even been an unspoken agreement that Christians should confine their proselyting efforts to the "heathen" nations.

Now, let's look at another perspective from another time. When our Savior ministered on the earth, He set up an organization to help the early converts to Christianity maintain their faith and serve each other. He gave power to teach, heal, and lead to his twelve Apostles. The Lord did not

Why Do "Mormons" Send Out Missionaries?

I've heard that some people say that "Mormons" (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) send their young men out on missions because it is a "rite of passage". Obviously, they haven't been around many young men. I've not yet met any young man who would give up his job, car, music, cell phone, and laptop, leave his girlfriend, and postpone his college plans, so he could travel to a strange place where he would have doors slammed in his face all day, just for a "rite of passage". 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Did Joseph Smith Start the "Mormon" Church?

"Mormons", members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, find that an odd question. It is like asking if Moses made up the Ten Commandments. Moses was a prophet. Prophets listen to what God has to say, then they teach it to the people. They have the assignment to help the rest of us learn how to be happy and know what we need to do to return to our Heavenly Father someday. 

Aware of our weaknesses, God has always used Prophets to help us learn and grow. The Old Testament contains the record of God's dealings with man through His prophets. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ set up His Church, gave His Apostles priesthood authority, and designated Peter to be the prophet who would continue to receive revelation for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Early-day Saints (saints just means a church member). (see Peter receiving revelation to take Gospel to Gentiles)