Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Should "Mormon" Church Members Question?

Of course!  Questioning is how we learn. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in these latter days because a young man questioned the traditional Christian teachings. Joseph Smith prayed and asked God what church was right? Which church should I join?

But many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are very concerned that they are showing a lack of faith if they question their leaders. Though we are warned to follow our leaders to help us be safe in these perilous times, that does not mean that we are to blindly follow them like unthinking robots.  We each have a responsibility to carefully study the things our leaders say, then we must pray to know what they are saying is right.  It is only after own own effort that we can gain our own testimony, our own witness from God, of the truth of what our leaders are saying.  It is only when we act on what we have learned to be right,  that we will grow and progress.

Some members can feel OK about asking for a confirmation that what leaders are saying is right, but feel that they are doing something wrong if they question Church doctrine.  What confuses members and is causing their concern is that there are seeing two different things. One is the honest questioning of a person who is looking for answers. The other is people who are looking merely for a quick way to discount the Gospel teachings and live a less demanding life.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Am I a Suppressed Mormon Woman?

Yes, I'm a "Mormon" (The Church of Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saints) wife, but am I suppressed? Hardly! I think most of us Mormon women would find that funny. We are often overwhelmed by the load of leadership responsibility we carry.

I think where most people get confused and think that "Mormon" women are dominated by the "Mormon" men because they have heard that women are "not allowed to hold the Priesthood". Actually, the women are given the same priesthood power when we make covenants in the temple. When we promise to keep the Lord's commandments, He blesses us, both men and women, with some of His power that we might be able to grow and to accomplish the things He wants us to do.
Priesthood power is what enables women to guide their family, teach, and lead the children, young women, and women of the Church.

But you might say that the women are not allowed to hold leadership positions. It is true that men and women have been given different responsibilities.Men have the responsibility for general administration. Women have responsibility lead the children, young women, and the women of the Church under Priesthood guidance.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Boy Scouts and the Mormon church

Like me, you may have lots of questions about the change in Boy Scout program in the "Mormon" church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  I did, and I have been looking for answers. Here is what I've found.

As of January 1, 2018 The Church will replace the Venturing and Varsity Scouting programs in the United States and Canada for young men ages 14 to 18 with a new activities program. Here is a link to the new program . Pretty impressive! 
Not only do they have links to all the old Venturing and Varsity Scouting activities (except aviation), but there are loads of ideas to help Youth develop Spiritually, Socially, Physically, and Intellectually. Besides the opportunity for balanced growth and development, I like that it coordinates with the Young Women's Program. No longer will the Young Men have more activities and receive more funding than the Young Women do. They will be now be equal. 

By using the Church based activities program, the Church hopes to better meet the needs of the Young Men of the Church. The Boy Scouts has always struggled with keeping boys in Scouting after the age of 14 ( Though the Varsity and Venturing programs were developed to help keep the young men involved in Scouting, it has had limited success. An added problem in keeping "Mormon" young men progressing in scouts has been that most of them earn their Eagle Award by the age of 14 and feel "done".

Though there are plenty of fun activities and outdoor experiences in the program, I like that this new program will focus less on Scouting advancement and adventure and more on developing the skills and understanding that will help them enjoy their teen years more and better prepare them for their future roles. Young Men need more than hikes and awards to make it in today's world. I think this new Activity program will give the Young Men what they need. 

Here are places for more information.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Does Obeying the Commandments of God take away my Freedom?

Some people have had enough of the immature and prideful accusations from people who use religion as a club. Beating upon others, they declare,"You did that. You are bad!", and, "I keep every rule, so I am better than you!" I almost expect next to hear the childish taunt of, "Na, na, Na, na, na", ending with, "I'm going to tell Mommy on you!"  Fed up, some people, understandably, want nothing more to do with the commandments of God.

Being a parent and grandparent has given me an interesting perspective on rules, yes, even commandments. When a child is young you can try and reason with them and try and convince them of the wisdom of doing as you have told them, but it doesn't work.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Is it really Great?

A little is too much! I've lived long enough to see the degenerating effect that choosing entertainment that dulls and crushes the spirit has had on society. Slowly we are being lead downward as more and more we excuse "just a little bad".  Motivated by greed, those who pander the base and the crude are making themselves rich as they weaken our souls. 

"The books you read, the magazines you read, the videos you look at, the television programs you look at, the shows you go to, all have an effect on you and will do if you subject yourself to the influence of those titillating kinds of things which are designed to make you poor and somebody else rich. Stay away from them." 

Gordon D. Hinckley Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1995 to 2008

Sunday, April 16, 2017

He Is My Example

This video reminds me of not only that we can live forever because of the Savior's sacrifice, but reminds me how to live now.  I am so impressed by the Savior's great love and willingness to suffer the consequences of our mistakes, so that we can learn and grow. He does not waver from what He knows must be done to help us, even when socially persecuted and threatened with death.  He is the perfect example. He is who I desire to become like.

Here are links to videos of the Savior's last week. They help me experience the last week of the Savior's life on this earth.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter Thoughts of My Savior

For God So Loved the World

Our Savior brings hope and peace to my life. He is my example and through his power I can grow.


When birds sing again
and green shoots push through bare ground;
When seemingly dead twigs
burst into blossom ,
and newness sparkles in the air;
We remember our Savior
who brought new life to man
giving us hope that after death
our bodies will live again,
and that our spirits may be healed,
and with new life,
blossom into greatness.

Easter Thoughts
by Cheryl Merrick
The depth of His love and sacrifice
I can not comprehend,
but I feel it strengthening my soul.

His determined desire and patience
in helping me experience happiness
is more than I can understand,
but I know it is there.

I feel my fears and frustrations
as my faith
in His loving wisdom