Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mormon Temples

What is so special about a temple?
My husband and I met our daughter and son-in-law at the Ogden Temple open house. Even outside on the grounds, I could feel something different. As we viewed the interior, I enjoyed the beautiful mirrors and glassware, the dark woodwork, the stained glass windows, and the sparkling chandeliers. Yes, it was beautiful, but I have seen many lovely buildings and not felt this way.

As we moved from room to room there was a sense of being home, of being safe and at peace. Though I knew we needed to keep moving, I didn’t want to leave. This is the Lord’s home on earth and His love surrounded me. This is how I desire life to be – filled with beauty and love and surrounded by family and kind friends. A temple truly is a bit of heaven on earth.

I have experienced how much stronger this sense of closeness to God is after a temple is dedicated and inside are people who have made covenants to keep His commandments. There is a binding sense of unity and love. It is special how everyone dresses in simple white clothing representing cleanliness. We are all equal. The worldly divisions of wealth do not exist. We are just brothers and sisters visiting our Father’s home. When we leave, I always take a bit of the temple’s peace, hope, love, and beauty with me. Soon life presses upon me and I know then that I need to return again to refresh my soul, to be reminded who I am, why I am here, and where I can go if I remain faithful.

Why do we need Temples?
I think God has always known that we need to be strengthened and to be reassured that He is always near. This is the reason He provided temples on the earth in ancient times and why we have temples now. As they needed, we also need a place to make sacred covenants and receive guidance. Our tired spirits yearn for a few moments to be free from worldly concerns and be reminded of who we can become and what life can be like.

Some of the most special experiences I have had in my life have occurred in temples.  I still remember clearly even after forty two years, the day my husband and I were married in the Oakland temple. We knelt holding hands across the alter, and gazed at our endless reflections in the mirrors behind us knowing that our relationship could be eternal if we lived to make it so. I have felt joy when our children were married in the temple knowing priesthood authority and righteous living could allow us to live together for all eternity. I have felt the spirits of my ancestors nearby when we have done proxy ordinance work for them in the temple. I look forward to meeting them after this life and living as a family forever.

Live with our Families forever
Temples remind me that though life is fragile, we can have eternal joy with those we love. Loving relationships do not need to end at death.  We can live in families forever.  Temples are a place to strengthen us so that we can return and live with our Eternal Father. Temples are a place of peace in this world. It is a place I long to be.

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