Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why doesn't God stop bad things from happening?

Should all good be rewarded? 
If we try and do good things, should we be blessed with a life of ease and comfort? Is a wealthy person more righteous than a poor person? Should a loving God save us from all suffering?  Should only the evil experience pain? What would life be like if all good deeds were immediately rewarded and all bad deeds immediately punished?

I think many people want to believe in an all powerful God, but they don’t want to trust His far superior wisdom. They want a God who will follow their orders and grant their every wish immediately.  Personally, I think that would be a scary world! What would we be like? Would we ever choose a challenge? Would we ever allow anyone to die? Would we develop strength of character if we were instantaneously rewarded for good and always punished for bad deeds?  Would we ever be undeveloped children, or be more like robots?

Can you trust God?
I also wonder who’s orders God is supposed to follow. Supposedly He is to prevent all “bad” from happening if He really loves us. I don’t think I know enough to make those decisions for others, but I do like the freedom to make my own decisions. Sure I make plenty of mistakes, but it is good feeling when I finally figure something out. I don’t want to be controlled so that I never make mistakes. Some might say that it is only the “bad” people who will be controlled and prevented from causing harm.  If you don’t trust God to make the decision on what is best for our growth and development, then who is so wise that they should control all people?
Could we understand good without bad; integrity without deceit; sacrifice without selfishness; love without cruelty?  Do we need opposites to enable us to learn?

What about the innocent who suffer?
But what of the innocent who suffer because of the acts of others?  Though some of them may develop great character by facing the unjustness, and cruelty,  some are severely damaged or die. If this life were only these few moments we exist upon the earth, it would be unjust, but this is only a small part of our life.  I find it comforting to know that when we pass through the veil into the next life, loving arms will be there to comfort us and through the atonement of Jesus Christ, all hurts will be healed.

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