Friday, October 24, 2014

Enduring Love

I was so touched by this video (Enduring Love) that I cried. It reminded me so much of my husband. 
Some might ask how I can be sure my husband would care for me like this man cares for his disabled wife.  I know because my husband already has. There have been times when I have fallen to the floor and he has picked me up; times when I couldn't get food, walk, or talk. He has been there caring for me, and yes, he has even combed my hair for me. 

This week I wanted to be out and enjoy the fall color, but I can only walk a few feet at a time (see so my husband pushed me miles in a wheelchair along the paved river trail. I'm grateful that Addison's Disease is not a progressive disease (it's like diabetes; my adrenal glands don't work), but I'm even more grateful to have 
a husband with enduring love.

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