Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Poems instead of Casseroles

How does a creative person fit into the busy orderly world out there? We don't. We just sort of slip out of the main stream and make our own quiet little eddie. It's a great place. There is time to think, feel, enjoy life, and time to create beauty.

From my quiet spot, I watch others whizzing by. Though appreciating their accomplishments, I have no desire to be a part of this madly rushing main stream. Does this mean I have nothing to do with other people? How does a creative person still be a part of their society?

Through creativity, of course! I thought about what I was good at and did those things. I shared my love of teaching and my training (elementary teaching credential) by teaching children, teens, and adults in church classes. I also volunteered at out local elementary school and taught creative writing. I wanted to nurture those creative little writers since they often get beaten down in the school system. Kids are so creative! I loved being with the kids and they loved someone who let them write on what they wanted instead of the "assigned topic".

I also tutored kids like me. Let's face it, many of the kids who have trouble in a highly structured school system are going to be the creative souls. We just don't fit. Our learning style is too different from the way most teachers teach. For my ideas on helping creative children in school see my blog:

By now you have probably realized that I like to write.  I enjoying writing up family history stories which I post on  I also am putting family pictures and data on this site to preserve it. It is the largest family tree in the world and it is free to everyone. I love being able to share research with others. It makes family history fun.

For 17 years I edited local newsletters for my city and neighborhood. I've written magazine and newspaper articles. I also write to those serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know these young men and women are far from home and would appreciate even a note from an "old lady". I enjoy sending encouraging notes and email to people, and of course, blog.

I really do care about people and no one seems to mind that I don't garden, busily run around, or cook. I'm always willing to bring food to a social as long as it is something my husband can pick up at the store. Instead of shopping for presents, I'll put checks in cards for weddings and send magazine subscriptions for Christmas. (This is where I shop. These are some of the most uplifting magazines I've ever seen and they are a great bargain, Friend for young children, New Era for teens, and Ensign for adults:

I send poems for special occasions and holidays. When a baby is born I don't rush over with a home made casseroles, but email a poem about first babies.

see my poem blog  (I'm slowing putting my hundreds of poems on it) Topics - Self Esteem , Creativity

Do I fit in a "normal" culture? Do I fit in Mormon Culture? Have I become the "busy little homemaker"?  Do I fit in because I am the same as others? No. Have I changed and become more like my neighbors? No. I'm still me. I'm still the person who tangles thread and gets so absorbed in reading that I burn dinner.  My cakes slide off the plate ( last one 30 years ago) and my lines are still crooked. I'm still happily living in my own little corner of the world, my own little eddie, but I cheer and wave to those rushing by. I have learned just to love others, and they will love me back. That is all that is needed to fit in.

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