Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I like this video. Yes, we have been protected many times, but sometimes we are not. I have severe health problems. Even though all does not go as we want it to go, we can still have peace.

As I look at the gaping hole and crumbling glass where his truck window used to be, I know my husband was protected. Whatever hit the window, did not hit him. He held steady. Even a small swerve on the freeway in his large business box truck could have cost many lives, but here he was still with me.

I thought of another time, when we were first married
and he was working swing shift an hour away from our home. While he was working, he saw in his mind a part of the freeway he would need to drive late that night. On his way home, he saw a car which had slid off the icy road. He was going to run across the freeway to give aid, but stopped realizing this was the very spot he had seen earlier. Though the freeway looked clear, he slowly and carefully crossed, quickly discovering it was covered with black ice. Grateful, he stood beside the car realizing that if he had run, he would have slipped. On the dark, icy road he probably would have been hit and perhaps killed leaving me a single mother with a small baby.

I thought of the birth of two of our children
Each had the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck. The first child they were able to pull out quickly and save her life. With our son the nurse warned me that if he started to come, they would not be able to get him out before he died. He held still till we were able to get into surgery and deliver him safely.

Memories fill my mind such as when our baby son was nearly pitched off a balcony but caught, our daughter fainted in a pool but was rescued, another daughter passed out but was caught before she fell off a bridge. (our children have health problems)

I think of the time when we were sponsoring a family of seven Cambodian Refugees in our home.  It was Christmas and we wanted to go to my mother’s home. We were only able to travel a few miles before a blizzard forced us to return home. Arriving home our disappointment quickly turned to gratitude, when we found electricity arching in our attic. I sat there stunned to realize that if we had not returned home at that moment not only would our home have burned down, but this family would probably have been killed.

We have even been protected from unscrupulous people who tried to sue us. My husband and I were warned about actions some people were taking which would have lead to our financial ruin.

Yes, I sit here this morning Grateful for all the Protection the Lord has given us.

Sometimes it isn't great protection, but help to do things we can't to by ourselves. Often that help comes through other people. This poem is about an experience I had this weekend and the help I received.
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