Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Purpose of Life

I really like this video and identified with the confusion of the young man. We really are in the middle of life and don't remember what came before and we don't see now what will happen in the future. The scriptures have helped me to not feel so lost and to have
the confidence to continue. Knowing that this time on earth is only a small part of my life has helped give me perspective. It has helped me to deal with disappointment, have a firm commitment to our marriage and family, and cope with having Addison's disease. I know I can not be cured and my health will not improve in this life, but this isn't all of life. When my life continues after I leave the earth, I will receive a body that will ever be young, whole, and strong. I like to envision myself happily running through a meadow. I can't eat many foods (no grains, dairy, potatoes, some fruits and vegetables). I can't go in stores, churches, or other homes, and I can't touch plastic or be around chemicals. I think I would get very depressed if this was all there is to life, but I know this is only a small moment in my life and am grateful for the experiences I am having.

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