Thursday, October 2, 2014

You Never Know

I really identified with this video. It says something women need to be reminded of. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing any good, or if I have just made a mess of the day. This woman
goes through the day doing her best. Maybe, if she would have known that her cousin's plane was leaving earlier, she might have taken the dinner over for the young couple to heat up, but we don't know what is ahead and just wing it.

A young man told me that he thought  the woman was trying to do too much. I laughed and told him that it seemed like a pretty normal day to me. Many days are much wilder!

Women do act from their hearts and sometimes they take on too much. Many times we get discouraged and don't feel we are really helping anyone. I liked how this video showed the consequence of her small acts of love and how they helped others more than she ever realized. This is a reminder I need as a woman to keep going each day. 

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