Saturday, November 8, 2014

God Helping Me Find the Right Place to Live

This man came to know God.                                                                        

Stepfather Knowing Where I Should Live While Student Teaching
I wrote about receiving the Lord's help through prayer and decided to share some things I have written about times when the Lord has helped me in my life.

When I was to student teach during my senior year at BYU, I had to find a place to live in Bountiful, Utah. Living in the community as a professional teacher was a bit overwhelming. I longed for the security of college life and a house full of roommates, so I was very grateful when my mom and  step-father offered to stop in Bountiful on our way to Pocatello, Idaho to visit my grandparents.
On a warm late August morning in 1971 we began checking out possible places for me to stay.
The first place we went was a home where a woman had some rooms in the basement to rent. I thought the house looked nice, but since the woman was a teacher, she was at school and wouldn’t be home til the afternoon. I had a list of several other possible places that I wanted to check out and was anxious to not waste any of the time we had. I knew this was my only chance to find a place to stay. I urged us to look at other homes while we waited for the teacher, but my stepfather calmly and firmly insisted that this was the right place, and that we were going to wait. I didn’t have that assurance and rather impatiently spent the afternoon waiting for the woman to arrive.
Finally, she drove up and gave us a tour of the basement rooms she had for rent. They were clean and sunny. The location was close to one of the schools where I would be teaching, so I could walk there. I was definitely considering this place, but still thought I should check out the other places that had been recommended though the BYU student teaching department; that is until she warily mentioned that she had hypoglycemia and would be cooking low carbohydrate meals. I was stunned! Just a couple of weeks before I had been told that I had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and must only eat low carbohydrate foods. We were all concerned about how I was going to manage student teaching with my restricted diet. At that moment, I knew this was the place I should live. I knew the Lord had guided me, through my stepfather, to the only person who could help me with my new diet.
I will always be grateful for a stepfather who listened to the prompting he felt and insisted that this was the right place for me– and it was!

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