Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Differences in Marriage

I have been thinking about this talk on the Renaissance of Marriage by President Eyring about how to make a happy marriage. I love this humourous video on having a long happy marriage.I means a lot to me because my husband and I are very different.

My husband is a person who is always engaged doing something, such as his handyman business. He deals with the real world and likes to follow patterns that have worked well in the past. He does things with exactness. He is a quiet thoughtful person and so am I. The big difference is that my thoughts are racing at top speed. I leap from thought to thought. I love to study and think about ideas. I like to see patterns in behavior and help people reach their potential (I'm a natural teacher). I live mainly in the world of thought and future possibilities. So how have a hands-on builder and a head-in-the-clouds philosopher been happily married for 42 years?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Renaissance of Happy Marriages

This talk given at the Vatican in November by Mormon leader, Henry B. Eyring. He explains clearly how to have a happy marriage. He says:

"Where there is selfishness, natural differences of men and women often divide. Where there is unselfishness, differences become complementary and provide opportunities to help and build each other. Spouses and family members can lift each other and ascend together if they care more about the interests of the other than their own interests."

Here is the full transcript if you would like to read it. It really explains how to have a happy marriage.

I have seen in my own 42 year marriage how differences, with lots of love, can can bring us joy.