Sunday, March 29, 2015

He Lives!

by Cheryl Anne Merrick
I have felt Him beside me,
when in desperate exhaustion,
I could go no further.

I have felt His calming presence
in interminable nights
when fear and loneliness
have gripped my soul.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Because He Lives

I just saw this new Easter video. It is wonderful! It reminds us of the hope we have because of Him.

‪#‎BecauseHeLives‬ (I think I just did a hashtag!) This is a great site. Besides the video, it has pictures and a summary of the last week of the Savior's life. At the bottom of those pages are a question and answer and the opportunity to chat. it is great!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Searching for Truth and Revelation from God

I just watched this video and really enjoyed it. I identified with Willford Woodruff's search for truth.

Wilford Woodruff's search for the true Church explains the Apostasy and need for the Restoration. It emphasizes four essential elements of the true Church that were lost because of the Great Apostasy. (16:33)

Do You Believe in Traditional Religion?

A friend expressed to me how she could not believe in traditional religion, recounting Christianity's history of voting on doctrine, political maneuvering, conquest (Crusades), and cruelty (Inquisition). She also stated that though she did believe in God, she could not believe that one person's ideas about religion were better than another person's ideas. I agree completely with her.

What!? You are a Mormon. How could you not believe in traditional religion? Aren't Mormons the most traditional, conservative religion around? We do believe in truth and do not give in when we know something is right, but our faith is not based on tradition. Throughout time there have been many good people who have set up religions based on what they believed was right. I think some have done a lot of good, but by the time I was eleven I knew that was not enough for me. I didn't want to choose between the many philosophies of men one that I liked the best and join that church. What I was looking for was revelation of truth from God.