Monday, July 20, 2015

Healing with God's Help

Mark 9:23, With faith all things can be accomplished

I was very touched by the healing of a family in this video.

July 2015

My adrenal glands have healed! I've had Addison's disease for 12 years. Since my adrenal glands did not produce any detectable level of cortisone, I have been on hydrocortisone all this time just to keep me alive. Did the doctors cure me? No. Then what happened?

At the beginning of April I was resigned to just working on my computer the rest of my life, at least until I couldn't see anymore. My eyesight was failing, and though I had cataracts, it didn't account for my inability to focus. Things were looking bleak.

I was so exhausted that I could barely walk, then I had this strong impression that I should start checking my blood sugar several times a day. It seemed ok. The next day it was a little higher. Why was I doing this? The next day I knew why when my blood sugar shot up up 80 points after a balanced diabetic meal! I felt extremely ill. I knew my hydrocortisone was too high and that I shouldn't take my last dose that day, actually I was afraid to! The next day I cut it another 5mg . I felt I needed to do research. I wasn't sure what I was to research, so I just began. I looked up blood sugar, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. When I came to Insulin Resistance, I knew that was it!  I read more and found that I needed to really cut down on carbs for a while (still have good fats and enough calories) and needed to exercise at least an hour at a time daily. By June I had slowly cut out all my medicine under my doctor's direction. It is a miracle to get off cortisone after 12 years of total adrenal support! I feel very blessed and guided.

I am now working on healing my immune system which will allow me to get out more, rebuilding muscle, and getting the insulin resistance down so the sugar will go into my cells and I will have more energy. I have also realized that my physical health is directly related to my spiritual health. (About 90 percent of chronic illness is related to stress)  I have been led to realize that I have a lot of suppressed emotions. With the Lord's help I am beginning to accept that I have had many negative relationships with family and friends. Instead of just saying that “it doesn't bother me” and “I'm fine. I can handle it", I now know that I can't “handle it” by myself. The stress in my life exhausted my adrenal glands several years ago, and if I don't want this to happen again, and if I want to fully recover, then all this stress must stop. Each day I see the Lord helping me see and accept a little more of what has been happening in my life. He is helping me to learn to set boundaries, to speak up, and to let go. I couldn't do this on my own. I have tried, but like a lost hiker, I just go in circles ending up back where I started. I don't have the strength to make this change, but the Lord does. Through His power I can do what is needed. The words have been in my mind like a lifeline:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

I know that some people think it is odd to just "know" what to do, but I did. I am not that brilliant that I could have figured it out myself. That is obvious since I have been ill for over 45 years and never understood and neither did all the doctors I have seen. I feel very blessed and guided. I have learned to just follow the feelings, knowing that later I will understand. I just do what I feel I should do and from my own experience comes the understanding. We really can't know except from our own experience, but we can't experience until we try. Faith is being willing to give it a try. It is believing that the goal is attainable and taking a step toward it. It is the only way we can learn anything. If you didn't think you could ever hit the ball, you would never swing. The Lord does know everything that is going on, and will happen in our lives. It is amazing how He helps things to always works out somehow .

Now, besides working on the computer, I am enjoying daily walks by the river or in the canyon with my husband. Not only can I go into a restaurant, but I can eat some of the food. I am feeling better than I have in years through the Lord's help and know that my recovery of both body and spirit is just beginning. It is wonderful!

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