Friday, January 29, 2016

What do you think of Abortion?

I agree that there are times when there is something seriously wrong and for the health of the mother, it is necessary to abort the baby, but those circumstances would be very rare. Killing your baby just because it is "inconvenient" is murder. If a baby isn't wanted, then it is a "growth" in the woman's body to be gotten rid of and is disposed of in the garbage. If the child is wanted and is born very early, huge amounts of money are spent to keep the "child" alive. When you create life you are responsible for that child. If you do not want to care for it, then put the child up for adoption where it can have a family who will love and nurture it, but don't kill the child.

A society which allows parents to legally kill their children just because they don't want to bother with them, is scary! What next? There are those who want to be allowed to kill the old, the infirm, the imperfect. They claim this would be a "mercy" killing. My questions is when did they become God? Who gave them the right to decide who would live and who should die. To me this smacks of wanting to have a "strong, pure Aryan race", and we saw where that led as German society was "purified" by exterminating inconvenient foreigners -- the Jews.

Since I am old (yes, I admit it), and have several health "imperfections", I could see myself being designated as "impure" and "surplus population". I scares me to give mere people the power to decide who is "worthy" of life. I feel much more comfortable leaving those decisions to God.

For the position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Abortion see:

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