Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Warning that Saved My Life

An experience of my husband, Garrett Merrick

When we were first married, I worked as a postal clerk in Salt Lake City, Utah. I attended BYU during the day, then worked the evening shift in Salt Lake making the 45 mile drive home to Provo around midnight.

One winter night  I was busily sorting packages when there came to my mind a vivid picture of a portion of the road that I would be traveling on the way home, along with a strong feeling of danger. I continued to work for several more hours, then began my long drive home. In the light of my headlights I could see that the road was icy. As I crested a long hill and started down the other side, I saw that a car had slid off the road. It  was at the bottom of the deep depression between the two sides of the divided highway. Concerned that they might need assistance, I pulled off onto the right shoulder. As I opened the car door and stepped out onto the icy road, I suddenly realized that this was the exact place I had seen earlier in my mind at work. Normally, I would have quickly crossed the several lanes of traffic to the car stranded in the middle divide area, but as I remembered the strong sense of danger I had felt about this section of the road, I didn’t cross  immediately. Instead, I paused and evaluated the traffic carefully. I noticed that there was a large truck approaching, but it was far distant. There would be plenty of time for me to reach the car in the middle divide area before it arrived, but still I hesitated.  I decided to wait until not only the truck passed, but there was no other traffic approaching before I began to cross the highway. Partway across I noticed that the road was far slicker than I had expected, and I would surely have fallen if I had hurried across as I had originally planned. After checking with the people in the car and being assured that help was on the way, I again carefully crossed the lanes of highway to my car. Sobered, I sat there for a moment realizing that if I had quickly crossed in front of the truck as I had intended, I would almost certainly have fallen and would not have been able to get up before the truck arrived. As I remember this experience, I am ever grateful for a warning that saved my life.

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