Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Perspective of Womanhood

I wrote this many years ago as a professional woman who chose to be home and nurture my family.

Lord’s Perspective

defender of home
has mission to help family return to Heavenly Father
united with husband
eternal perspective of the significance of her work
responsibility to raise children shared with husband
she has stewardship over home- delegate work
husband is responsible to provide for the family
told she is capable- continually learning
encouraged to magnify gifts and talents
builder of society, home and community
views her life as fulfilling
told she is a leader, and nurturer
Is busily engaged in life
Is free to set own goals, schedule
told her family need her nurturing, leadership, emotional support
therefore she stays in the home and fulfill her mission and achieve eternal goals
World's Perspective

afraid of world
must earn her keep
must please husband
unrealistic expectations (such as gourmet meals)
total responsibility to raise the children
all home responsibilities are hers (except maybe yard and cars)
told she is lazy if she doesn't work outside the home
told she is just hiding at home and has few abilities
told she is not a productive member of society if she is at home
told she is frustrated
told she is powerless and dependent
told she lonely
told she is enslaved
told she is only needed to give financial support to family
therefore she is told that she should get out in the world to find fulfillment, power and freedom

Reality of World’s Plan
stress, pressures, guilt, unfulfilled, frustrated, choosing things over people, little income, time or energy left after working; little time to develop talents, spirituality, or relationships, make a home, or give service to others; more divorce, and often end up as a single parent

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