Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simplifying Service

The question I had to ask myself was what did “magnifying my calling” really mean. To me it requires a willing heart and a total commitment to do what the Lord would have me do. When I feel tempted to follow precedent and do what other people expect, such as making fancy handouts, gifts, or writing out a soliloquy to present for a lesson, I pray. Praying helps me to focus on the goals the Lord wants, instead of focusing on pleasing people and gaining the applause of men (and women).
I have found that keeping my focus on eternal goals helps me be far more effective. I ask the Lord’s help to know what He wants me to do. What change am I to help bring about in others lives? What do these people really need to help them progress toward exaltation? On what should I concentrate my time and energies?

Now, instead of waiting till I have the proper gift, I simply extend my love by  visiting, calling, or sending a postcard to a person I visit teach. Instead of spending endless hours writing out a prepared script, I simply make notes on the concepts and references that should be presented in a lesson. (With younger children, I also make notes of learning activities that can be used to reinforce each concept.) This simple approach not only keeps the attention on the important principles, but allows for class involvement in the lesson, and thereby helps them apply these principles in their lives.

Besides being less tired and pressured  I find that when I eliminate all the “non- essentials”, I am more flexible and far more responsive to the promptings of the Spirit. Keeping my focus on the Lord’s goals, instead of people’s expectations helps me to both magnify and simplify my Church service.

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