Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tithing Helps Us Get Out of Debt

We had only been married a few years when we sold our trailer and bought our first home. Though we were thrilled to have a real home, there were many unexpected expenses, and we quickly became overwhelmed by our debt. Consequently, my husband began juggling paying bills. Tithing was viewed as just another bill and often paid a month or two late when we felt we could afford it. Soon, to our dismay, we discovered that all we were paying each month was the interest on our debt. We tried everything we could think of to get out of debt, but nothing changed. Finally, we decided to trust the Lord’s promises and pay our tithing first. Though we never fully understood how it happened, several months later we found ourselves out of debt. We were now a humble and grateful young couple who had learned that we would receive help beyond our abilities if we would just keep the Lord’s commandments.

I wrote more about our experience in getting out of debt in this article

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