Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tithing Protected Us

We had heard that if you paid your tithing the windows of heaven would be opened and the devourer would not destroy your fruit, but we never understood what that meant until then. It was 1982 and we were on our way to my parents’ home to spend Christmas with them when a blizzard blew in. After fighting icy roads for a few miles, we decided to turn back. Disappointed, but grateful to be safely home, we called and told my parents that we were unable to come, then checked on the Cambodian family who were staying with us in our basement. We had agreed to sponsor this family of seven, with the help of our stake, so that they would not be shot in the refugee camp purges which were occurring at that time. They seemed fine, but showed us how some lights were not working. My husband checked the circuit, only to discover that some old wiring had come loose and electricity was arcing in our attic. In a short time, there would have been a fire. Stunned, we sat there as the realization came to us that not only could our home and all our possessions have been destroyed if we hadn’t returned home at that moment, but this family of seven might have been killed.  We felt a strong sense that it had been our payment of tithing which had protected us and this family, and we will always be grateful that the Lord kept “the devourer” away.

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