Saturday, August 20, 2016

God Answered My Prayers

I could barely walk across the room. The doctors did not have any more suggestions or treatments for me to try.  In desperation, I asked the Lord for help.

In July (2015) I had recovered from Addison's Disease.  After 15 years, I no longer had to take cortisone each day.  I was thrilled!  Then slowly, in the fall I became more, and more, and more tired. By January I was restricted to bed.  What was happening to me? I should have felt great now that my adrenal glands were working again. Why wasn't I?

As I prayed, I felt a strong impression to go to St George, Utah.  That's strange, I hardly knew the place having only driven through it twice.  I reasoned that being in a warmer climate for a few days might help me feel better.  So my husband shoved in into our old van, and we headed south to St George.

Friday, August 19, 2016

God Loves Me

God knows and loves me. Am I sure? Yes!

Listen to what happened to me and you decide. When I became very ill with bronchitis last winter, we knew we needed to move to a desert climate.  I was so ill that I only had the strength to look for a new house for a few days. On the afternoon of the third day, just before we needed to return north to our home, we found the right home.  Not only did it have the things I really needed, but things I had only dreamed of.

To help my bronchitis heal, I needed to avoid dust catchers such as carpet. Except for the bedrooms, the house had laminate and tile floors. I also needed to have a place to visit that was separate from the house heating and cooling system. so I would have minimal exposure to lung irritating perfumes. The garage had been made into a cheerful, large room for her preschool business. It was perfect!

Besides these essentials, the home has a large master suite, a great room, a beautiful well lit kitchen, office, family room, pantry, two guest rooms and even a shady, tree filled yard. There was even a large shed for a workshop for my husband.