Thursday, September 15, 2016

Are Polygamist Cults Mormons?

Some people think of Polygamist groups as apostate "Mormons", because once members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were commanded by God to practice polygamy. By that reasoning these groups could also be called Jewish, because long ago God also commanded them to practice polygamy. Since Christians also believe in the Old Testament, then would Polygamists be considered Catholic or Protestant?

Yes, these Polygamist groups claim to be living the revelations that were given to the "Mormon" Prophet, Joseph Smith, but are they? Take a closeer look. Basically, they have heard of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The consider the Book of Mormon as just a good book, not scripture revealed by God. The have a man they call a "Prophet", but he is not chosen by God and he does not receive revelation from God.

 In my opinion, any one who latches onto an old revelation of God given for a specific time and tries to continue it when the Lord has revealed that it must cease, is not following the Lord. He certainly is not a "Mormon".
Belief in a God who cares about his children and speaks with them is the basis of our faith. Using the practice of polygamy as a means for a few evil men to enslave and use people, reduces their group to nothing but a cult. It isn't any "religion" at all, anymore than greed and pride are a "religion"

Consider how often in history religion has been used as an excuse to steal, to murder, and to enslave. Crusades have been launched, people killed in concentration camps, "Infidels" tortured, and jobs denied in selfish people's obsessive quest for power and control. This has nothing to do with God, or living as a loving Heavenly Father wants us to live. It is the misuse of power to get gain. It is dictatorship at it's worse when "religion" is used to justify their pride and greed. I think the Polygamist cults are just another manifestation of selfish leaders using "religion" to satisfy their craving for power. It is something we should all avoid and help those who flee from it.

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