Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Should the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sing at Trump's Inauguration?

Having heard that a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has resigned
because as she says, "it will appear that Choir is endorsing tyranny and
fascism by singing for this man", I thought I would look at this situation.
Here is the official statement by the Choir leader:
“The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has a great tradition of performing at the
inaugurals of U.S. presidents," said Ron Jarrett, president of the Mormon
Tabernacle Choir. "Singing the music of America is one of the things we
do best. We are honored to be able to serve our country by providing music
for the inauguration of our next president."
Members of the 360-member volunteer choir will travel to the nation’s capital
for the historic event."

To me the position of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is that they desire to serve our country and uphold our government, not endorse a specific President. The facts support this conclusion. The articles I read gave a list of performances the Choir has given for different US Presidents.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year - New Start

Here are some New Yorkers thoughts on beginning a New Year. They talk about the mistake Lot's wife made of looking back instead of moving forward.

This year I too am poised to either move on, or live in the past. Last New Year's day, my life was miserable, but very settled. After desperately praying for help, I felt impressed to go to St George, a town three hours south of where we lived. Surprised, I found myself on my feet, and knew we needed to move there if I wanted better health. We did, and my health has greatly improved.

My question now is, will I look back? Will I allow the fears of returning to poor health hobble my efforts to regain my strength? Will I reach out and make new friendships, or long to return to the comfort of my old community? Will I reach out in love to those around me, or moan that my children live far away? Will I sulk over all I can't do, or share what I can do? Will I sit dejectedly in my home, or be out as much as I can? Will I look to the future with hope and energy, or fear and depression? Will I retreat into the past, or move into the future?

Will this be a good new year? The choice is mine. Though my efforts are feeble, if I allow the Lord to help me, this will be the best year ever!