Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year - New Start

Here are some New Yorkers thoughts on beginning a New Year. They talk about the mistake Lot's wife made of looking back instead of moving forward.

This year I too am poised to either move on, or live in the past. Last New Year's day, my life was miserable, but very settled. After desperately praying for help, I felt impressed to go to St George, a town three hours south of where we lived. Surprised, I found myself on my feet, and knew we needed to move there if I wanted better health. We did, and my health has greatly improved.

My question now is, will I look back? Will I allow the fears of returning to poor health hobble my efforts to regain my strength? Will I reach out and make new friendships, or long to return to the comfort of my old community? Will I reach out in love to those around me, or moan that my children live far away? Will I sulk over all I can't do, or share what I can do? Will I sit dejectedly in my home, or be out as much as I can? Will I look to the future with hope and energy, or fear and depression? Will I retreat into the past, or move into the future?

Will this be a good new year? The choice is mine. Though my efforts are feeble, if I allow the Lord to help me, this will be the best year ever!

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