Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ensuring Happiness in the New Year

This true story gives me encouragement and hope for the future. 

I have been feeling dissatisfied, ill at ease, that something isn't quite right--why? I should be ecstatic. We moved a few months ago from a place with lots of smog and cold winters. Now, we live in a desert and the winter is mild. The problems is that even though my environment has changed, I still need to change inside. I need to have faith that my life will be better here, and not let the past fifty years of chronic illness fill me with fear of the future and discourage me from trying to improve my life.

This morning I realized that I have to do more than wait for my health to improve, I need to take the action that will insure that it will be better. I need to do stretches and exercise, eat right, get plenty of rest, and monitor my medication.  If I want to improve my relationship with my husband, then we need to spend time together doing things we enjoy, and I need to share my feelings and needs.  If I am bored, then what can I do to serve others?

I am coming to realize that happiness isn't something to wait for, but something to work at. It is having hope for the future, then taking action to fulfill that hope. It is filling my mind with positive thoughts and keeping hate and negativeness out. It is trusting in the Lord and stepping forward into the darkness. Happiness is the fruit of faith.  I can ensure my happiness when I have enough faith to do those things which will help me to be happier. My happiness is up to me.

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