Monday, February 6, 2017

Given More than What I Asked For
This is one of my favorite stories. I have experienced a lot of "pruning" in my life.

Most of us consider our prayers answered when we receive what we asked for-- right now. Is that really how prayers are answered? Almost exactly a year ago, I prayed for help to get better. Every medical option and test had been tried, but I was still very ill. As the months passed, my health became worse and worse till I could barely stand and could only get down some pureed baby food. Were my prayers answered? Yes.  Did I immediately receive the miraculous healing I desired? No. Has my health improved since last February? Definitely!

Sounds confusing? Yes, I didn't get what I asked for, instead I got what I really wanted-- when the time was right.  I've heard it said that we ask for help building a shack only to watch the Lord knock it down in preparation for building a mansion. My life had some major demolition. When all the dust settled, I had a lovely home in an area where I could be outside and exercise. My husband was able to finally retire, so we could spend more time together. I could breathe better in the clean dry air and my lungs are healing away from all the city pollution. Not only has my health improved, but the quality of my life is better than I had hoped for.

I was thinking small. I was just peering through a crack in the fence, while the Lord could see the whole field. He knew what I really needed to heal, and He helped me finally see it for myself.  When I prayed for help, He gave me the impression to "Go to St George", then He let me discover how much better I felt there. Becoming so ill when I returned to our old home, helped my husband and me understand what we needed to do. It also gave me the determination and courage to leave my home of 40 years and our family and move to a new area.

So, were my prayers answered? Yes, and I was given far more than I had asked for.  I was given not just the opportunity to heal, but to grow.

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